Brand Solutions

Brand Solutions

Hansel Marketing & Advertising provides a diverse range of brand solutions that help revitalize the brand in different stages of its lifecycle. Every brand has a unique demand and we are sensitive to the brand's needs.

Brand Identity

The visual identity of a brand is its first and most public interface with its stakeholders. Brand graphics are an artistic expression of a serious thought or concept that serve to anchor the product's message in the prospect's mind. Enduring brands possess a wealth of graphic identities as can be seen in the most famous brands around the world like Nike, Apple, Coke etc.

Brand Manual

The entire brand building exercise is documented in a manual along with specifications and instruction for use. Color palettes, fonts, taglines and artistic execution for different media, form part of the manual.


Packaging is a very specialized field that demands a wide knowledge of materials, sizing, shelf presence, product handling, and most importantly visual appeal. We have developed packaging for brands across numerous product segments.


Brand Position

Positioning and repositioning are both important decisions that may have to be taken at the introductory stage, not during the brand’s mid-life crisis. HMA assists in these strategic decisions.

Brand Strategy

Brand Communication

A brand can be used to communicate to various interest groups. Every medium demands specialized handling of brand communication. HMA has the expertise to use the brand to communicate across media.

Brand Blue Print

Brand architecture, color schemes, graphic images and appropriate content are vital for the sustenance of a brand. We fine tune the brand blueprint and provide templates to ensure smooth execution and uniformity in the use of the brand.