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Over the last three decades we have evolved as brand strategists. We have developed, nurtured and tweaked Over 32 brands to perfection.

Branding is both a science and art. The strength of a brand is revealed through its market presence and its beauty in the eye of its discerning consumer.

HMA offers the wealth of its experience coupled with a formal and informal study of branding in different markets.

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Our Clients

Precision Fasteners Ltd. - Unbrako: Industrial Fasteners
Nilgiri Herbals P. Ltd. : Colin Household Cleaner
Sunfru : Jams & Squashes
Tiku : Pickles & Masala
Singara : Packaged Tea
Condequip : Asphalting Plants
Silicon Chip Technologies : Software Services
Tanna Exports : Packaged Rice
Vimto : Fruit Drink
Colin : Household Cleaner
Orion CCG : Offshore Catering
Tikuji-ni-wadi : Resort
Shreeji : Farmhouses
Cleantec Hospitality : Hospitality Services
Pristine Care P. Ltd. : Wet Tissue Wipes
Vrindavan Agritech : Packaged Milk
Clothing Intelligence : Branded Shirts
Rasoya Proteins Ltd. : Foods
Smartech Global Ltd. : Dotcom
American Soybean Assc. : Soybeans

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Case Study


Case Study

Corporate Branding:

Testtex began as a humble laboratory testing fabrics for color fastness and thread count. As a textile exports grew, demand for their services grew as well. Within two decades, textiles supplied to markets around the globe were certified by Testtex first. The trust, ability and consequently the business grew in leaps and bounds. Testtex had evolved from a local test shop, to the largest privately owned laboratory in India. Its image however needed a makeover.


When Testtex found an opportunity to open branches in different countries of the world, its corporate Identity had to be revamped.

Mission, Vision, Values:

The vision of its founders was simply to find a place in the pantheon of the world’s best testing facilities. Their mission was to make Testtex a global brand. The values of the company were quality, trust and competence.

The Name:

What began as ‘Testtex India Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.’ Was abbreviated to ‘Testtex India Pvt. Ltd. The business of testing had to be expressed through the visual medium. After much ideation, it was decided to focus on the brand Testtex instead of the entire name. Testtex along with its symbol would be used as a watermark while communicating with stakeholders.

Corporate Identity Development:

It was decided to present the corporate identity in two parts. The first part was to be the graphic identity or logo and the second was to be wordart or logo type.

Visual Identity:

It was important to maintain some element of the erstwhile logo, while creating the new graphic. The old logo consisted of microscope and a roll of cloth. The simple message was textile testing.
Testtex had grown far beyond textile testing. Its gamut of services ranged from testing water, food, construction material, safety gear, leather to textiles. The only common element was the lab facility that performed these myriad tasks. The conical flask stood out as humble bit of glassware that performed the onerous task of testing all these materials. It was the first bit of equipment 25 years ago when the lab began and would continue to be used for another century despite the change of the ambience around it.
It was an artistic sleight of hand that pulled the letter ‘T’ out of a hat and turned into a conical flask with a thumbprint mark as a signature in the background. The horizontal stroke of ‘T’ turned into a swell of liquid boiling with a vertical stokes being the outline of the conical flask. Testtex had found its mark!

Logotype or Word art:

The task was to present Testtex in as contemporary a fashion as possible. The old logotype gave way to the modern stylized, san serif font Ottawa. The stylized subtle serifs of this font presented a modern look while the Ts stood out in repetitive distinction. The dominance of the letter T in both logo and logo type served well to make Brand ‘Testtex‘ stand out visually.

Color Scheme:

Testtex global operations would serve as bridge between the east and the west. It seemed quite strange that Indian entrepreneurship was chosen to test and certify product quality for consumption in the technologically advanced west. It was decide to create this link with a subtle play of colors. The warm saffron that has spiritual connotations in India is also the topmost colour on the National Flag. Teal blue borrowed from the plumage of the continental water bird was selected to represent the advanced western world. The ‘T’ the shape of the conical flask would serve as the bridge between the two.

Tag Line:

It was important to help stakeholders to relate with a mundane task like testing. Hence the line ‘Touching life through Qaulity Assurance’ helps project the benefit of Testtex services to the world at large.


Testtex is today is a globally known brand with offices in Mumbai, Hong Kong and a presence across the country.

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citizen bank

Citizen Co-operative bank

Case Study

Brand Makeover:

Citizen Co-operative Credit Society was founded in 1920. It began as a local credit society catering to the immediate term financial needs of the local Catholic community. It had low key operations and was converted into the CITIZENCooperative Bank in 1984. This bank headquartered at Bandra, had a very limited appeal and was patronised predominantly by the catholic community. It was finally registered as CITIZENCREDIT COOPERATIVE BANK LTD.
Over the last 30 years, CCCB has evolved as a friendly neighbourhood bank serving the local community. CCCB has held a predominantly Catholic image and serves the Catholic Community living in and around Mumbai.


Our brief can be summarised as follows:

  1. Assist CCCB to grow out of its local Catholic image
  2. Create a new Brand Identity that appeals to a more secular and wider audience
  3. Shift gears from being a family bank to a serious business bank

The Task:

The task was to execute a “Complete Brand Makeover” with a view to changing the existing Brand Image. The challenge was to create a new image that appealed to a larger and more diverse segment of the community in the geographical environs where the bank currently operates.

Visual Identity:

The existing logo of CCCB was a dove in flight within an oval. The dove was depicted in silhouette against an orange background which connoted a sunlit sky. The first step taken was to ‘FREE THE DOVE’ by removing the oval around it. The dove signifies peace and prosperity to the community at large. To the catholic community it symbolizes the Holy Spirit.
We found it prudent to retain the image of the dove, since it was of immense value to the existing stake holders and has endured the ups and downs of the last 30 years with a aplomb.
The new stylized dove logo was created using the initials of the company CCC which forms the wings.
The head and body of the dove represented the hand reaching out in service to the community. Colors selected reflected the Tri colors of our National Flag and international teal blue. Blue represents the world of banking and finance globally. This new logo served the purpose of secularising the Catholic image while appealing to a wider audience across the country.

Tag Line:

The tag line ‘Your Dreams, Our Wings’ tied in beautifully with the aspirations of the stake holder linked to the physicality of the dove in the logo. It also meant offering our customers, the financial wings to make their dreams come true.

Project Five


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